Looking Back, Looking Ahead for 2020

Looking to the sky may tell you when Martians are coming, but it takes experienced journalists and marketing gurus to say where retailing and private label is going in the year ahead. Join moderator Tim Simmons and guest prognosticators Michael Sansolo, author and editor; Don Stuart of Cadent Consulting Group; and David Bishop of Brick Meets Click for a look at the forces that will be at work in 2020. Click here to download video

Albertsons Relying on Own Brands for Comeback

Albertsons’ future looks brighter thanks to its CEO, Vivek Sankaran, and the expansion of its own brand. David Merrefield reports that lean profits could be a thing of the past. Click here to download video

Private Label’s Sweet Tooth

Maureen Donoghue sees big opportunities for private label confectionery as retailers use their own brands to satisfy a changing clientele. Click here to download video

Private Label Dominates Retail Battle in Ireland

Supermarkets in Ireland are using their high quality private label products rather than price to compete against discounters. Judith Kolenburg explains. Click here to download video