Remembering Brian Sharoff

Brian Sharoff, who passed away in May, was the president of the Private Label Manufacturers Association for nearly four decades. During his tenure the association’s membership grew tremendously, from a few hundred companies in the U.S. to more than 4,400 companies worldwide. Join news anchor Jodi Daley, PLMA VP of Communications Tim Simmons, and PLMA Chairman Lisa Manzoline as they look back on Brian’s accomplishments and how they changed both the industry and the association. Click here to download video

Micro-Fulfillment or Central Fulfillment Centers?

Online orders continue to expand rapidly, forcing some retailers to rethink how to fulfill their customers’ needs. With Central Fulfillment Centers being expensive to maintain, micro-fulfillment centers may provide more accuracy and less man-power. Roy White reports on the benefits of both, and how the future of online business may change the ways of fulfillment. Click here to download video

Retailers Look to Store Brands Executives for Growth

Retailers expect private label growth to extend far beyond the Coronavirus crisis, and they are relying more on executives with experience with private brands for success.  David Merrefield explains how a focus on store brands can help and says other retailers should look to Sprouts as an example. Click here to download video

Can Generational Marketing Generate Sales?

Generational marketing has become a hot topic for consumer researchers looking for the best ways to appeal to today’s shoppers.  Sara Williamson is a marketing professor who believes that studying how different generations think about products and advertising messages provides some important clues to what they will purchase. Click here to download video