Today's Retail Game Changers

Walmart, Costco, Amazon. These are the names of the game changers who revolutionized retailing. But who are today’s game changers? Join news anchor Jodi Daley, PLMA president Brian Sharoff and the PLMA Live news team as they explore the companies who are trying to change the rules for the next generation of retailers. Click here to download video

From Bricks and Clicks and Back Again

Online retailers are increasingly moving into physical stores. David Merrefield reports on what is motivating this turn-around and how it may help all retailers. Click here to download video

What's Next in Food?

Hans Kraak looks at a new trend called “Mood Foods”, which is attracting consumers who want more from what they eat than nutrition. Click here to download video

Regional Grocers Upgrade Store Brands

Regional supermarkets are facing greater competitive pressure than ever. ShopRite is meeting this challenge by making big changes in its store brands program. Tim Simmons speaks with Chris Skyers who is leading the team that is creating the new program. Click here to download video