Retailers Play a Big Role at Private Label Week

Retailers will be playing a big role in PLMALive! Presents Private Label Week, the online trade show that will take place February 1-5. More than 500 buyers and executives from over 200 retail companies have already registered to attend the event. The retailers include the world’s largest chains as well as many important regional retailers. Suzanne Caputo, PLMA’s director of retail trade relations, tells how leaders from Walmart, Albertsons, Walgreens and other retailers will participate in Private Label Week presentations. Click here to download video

C-Stores Shake Up Private Label Alcohol Assortment

Ever heard of a wheat ale infused with gummy candy, or a pale ale that tastes like glazed donuts? With the help of local breweries and popular private label items, convenience stores make it possible. Carol Angrisani explains the newest trends in C-Store beer and wine. Click here to download video

Immigration Decline Disrupts Business

Immigration into the U.S declined before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the results of the shutdown emphasize just how important immigrants are to every facet of American businesses. Brad Edmondson has this report. Click here to download video

Fixing a Broken Supply Chain

2020 was “The Year of the Supply Chain” for retailers and their suppliers. Shoppers hoarded everyday products like never before and supermarket shelves remained out-of-stock on some key items. Dr. Nada Sanders is a supply chain expert who believes a new approach is needed to prevent another crisis in the years ahead. Click here to download video